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Expectations !!

Benefit from the experience and professionalism of our chefs to ensure the success of your various projects..

A seminar ?

A corporate meal ?

A staff party  ?

Your requirement are ours !



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There are essential stages in life, special moments when we contemplate the path we have travelled so far in order to move forward better. Marriage is one of these stages. SoFood will make your wedding unique and unforgettable.

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Conviviality !

We attach great importance to fulfilling your wishes and those of your guests so that the pleasure of being together, whether there are five of you or 50, is at one with the art of receiving guests.

Family spirit, sharing and friendliness will be the watchwords of these authentic moments.

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A different approach to large-scale catering… another view of quality!


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Gastronomy and nutrition. 

Although for a long time nutritional balance and gastronomy gave one another the cold shoulder, today nutrition and well-being are at the core of all thinking.

This is why Our Chefs attach particular importance to the way they cook their products: reducing fats, observing the recommended daily intakes, limiting sugar, salt, etc.

Our Chefs offer you cuisine that focuses on the product, favouring certain cooking methods and original seasoning!

Short chain.

At SoFood, the focus is on local products. Every day, Our Chefs place orders with artisans and producers in the region. We aim to develop the concept of short chains and slow food to the full. So the products received and cooked in our culinary laboratory retain all their freshness and taste.

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Whether free creations or favourites, through the seasons Our Chefs offer you modern or traditional recipes that combine know-how and creativity.

Conscience et sensitivity. 

In both the choice of technologies used and the selection of his products, the SoFood caterer promotes an environmentally responsible, ecological commitment.

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